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The first and only online
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Surveys don’t have to suck, but more often than not, they do. In fact, just 31% of market research companies feel that market research is reliable. That’s why we created Newlio.

In the same way that emails are optimized to drive click-through and websites are optimized to drive conversion, Newlio surveys are optimized to drive authentic responses to your questions. Simply put, if you care about the quality of your survey results, you’ve come to the right place.

Optimized Survey Experience

The Newlio platform, paired with the right audience and the right questions, is proven to deliver actionable insights. We have a solution for your audience,
from wherever they originate.

Optimized Surveys
Surveys people want
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Proprietary Engagement Validation

Newlio is the only online survey platform with an audience engagement score (AES). Analogous to an email spam score, the AES allows you to ensure your survey is optimized prior to deployment.

Using a proprietary, algorithmic approach, Newlio tracks question type, time of engagement, response patterns and numerous other variables. Data is then analyzed and validated in real-time, producing the survey’s AES, or the overall quality of engagement. Custom rules then enable you to filter out non-validated data.

Real-Time Reporting With Unlimited Rules

With Newlio, insights reveal opportunity. And it’s our job to empower you with breakthrough intelligence. Our proprietary analytics dashboard enables you to segment and analyze results in real-time.